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Smart Fpg Editor 0.1.0

January 5, 2009

I’ve uploaded a new version to the project page. The new version, though, does not add to the end user more than the possibility to create 8bpp FPGs (loading the palette from a PAL, MAP, FNT or FPG file) and includes a minor bug fix for the open/save dialogs (internally other changes have occur).

However, a new package has been added: “binary zip package” which contains the binaries of the program without the need of an installer. If you plan to use it, be sure to read the “README-FIRST.txt” file included in the ZIP. Basically you will need to run the “register.cmd” batch file and that’s it.

I recommend to uninstall previous version before upgrading to a new one.

I wanted also to point out that some users have made it run in Linux via Wine and winetricks. If you want to try, download the binary package files (you can also use the installer but then you will need to use regsvr32 to register the components). On wine you will need this main packages:

  • vb6run: (in fact it seems that MSVBVM60.DLL is the only one needed)
  • gdiplus

If your cmctl32.ocx version is not updated, you may also need that package.

I would appreciate feedback from anyone who has tried the program: Do the FPG are correctly generated? Can you open them in Div/Fenix/Bennu? Do the program work well in Linux? Do the program run in Windows Vista? And in Win98, Me, 2000, etc.? All this kind of things…



New project – Smart Fpg Editor

January 3, 2009

Hi all, long time without a post, but I’m trying to make this work again…

Here there are some news. This was posted in the bennu forum (I just copied-pasted):

For some time I’ve being working (underground) in a project that now has grown enough so as I can present it. Its name is Smart Fpg Editor and, as the name suggest it’s an FPG editor, for windows.

The overall goal of the project is to develop an FPG editor as user-friendly as possible, what I call “Painless FPG Editing”.

Project page is available at:

And here there are some screenshots:
screen shot 1
screen shot 2

As for the features of the program, they are listed below:

Current features:

  • Fully in English
  • Load FPGs of 8, 16 and 32 bits
  • Create new FPGs of 16 and 32 bits
  • Save any of the created or loaded FPGs
  • Clean and simple user interface.
  • Create instant copies of your FPG in new windows
  • Add MAP and PNG graphics
  • When adding PNG graphics:
    • Authomatic depth conversion (81632)
    • Color quantization to the FPG palette when working with 8bpp FPGs (i.e. when you try to add a graphic of more than 8bpp to a 8bpp-fpg, the program calculates graphic colors so as the resulting graphic fits as well as possible the palette of the FPG).
  • Adding multiple files at the same time

Next-releases features:

  • Create new 8bpp FPGs
  • Control point editing
  • View graphics of the FPG
  • Export to PNG and MAP (extraction)
  • Drag&Drop support from other Smart Fpg Editor windows
  • Drag&Drop support from windows explorer
  • Support clipboard (within the program as well as windows clipboard)
  • Editing of the graphics contained in the FPG
  • Depth conversion when adding MAP files
  • Configure the editor (p.g. the grid)
  • Associate known file extensions
  • Improve usability
  • Improve interface

An installer version is available and also the souce code. There is also an explanation of how to compile the sources.

Keep in mind that to install the program you must have admin permissions.

Available version is labeled as Unstable. This does not mean that the program is going to crash all the time, it just points out the fact that it is a non-bug-free version and you should keep that in mind if you want to work with it.

In particular, limitations (situations which could cause the program to crash) of the current version are:

  • When loading FPGs, do not try to load non-valid FPG files (i.e., do not try to load a PDF as an FPG or things like this…)
  • When adding PNGs, do not load non-valid PNG files
  • When adding MAPs, do not load non-valid MAP files
  • IMPORTANT: When adding MAPs, depth of the MAP being added and depth of the FPG must match. Otherwise an error will occurr. This does not happen with PNGs because depth conversion is authomatically performed.

I know some people does not particulary like to use installers, however, since the program has been developed in VB6 and depends on several additional components it is much easier for the end-user to have an installer.

For those who are worried about what the installer does, it just copies all the required files to the installation folder and registers the required activeX components on which the program depends. Non of the files is copied to system folder o other locations (with the exception of the shortcuts such as that in the desktop, of course). The uninstaller, when executed, will unregister properly the dlls before deleting all the files. If anyone wish to have more information on this, I won’t mind to upload the installation script so as you can see what it exactly does.

Since I don’t have any operative system rather than Windows XP, I haven’t being able to test the program in other OS. However, I would expect it to work in Windows Vista. If anyone is interested in making it work in older OS, I can prepare a list of the requirements.

Hope you like it,