Map Viewer, Smart Fpg Editor

Some days ago I wrote about the non-graphical control point editor for Smar Fpg Editor. Following the features list intended for version 1, it was time to go for the Map Viewer / Editor.

This three points summarize the basic functionality for the map viewer:

  • View the graphics of the FPG in it’s real size and scaled.
  • Edit the description of the graphic
  • Edit graphically the control points of the graphic

This three features will be working before next release. Some other characteristics will be added in future versions, such as copying the map to clipboard & drag and drop support.

Here there is an screenshot of the Viewer:

Map Viewer

Map Viewer

The drawing is quite fast, even with big pictures :), and there is non apreciable flickering when scrolling (at least in my computer, and it’s quite old).

One good thing is that I’ve been able to use the knoweldedge I got when writing the Map Viewer for Flamebird MX and the performance is a great deal higher than it was on it. The look is also more professional, and the behaviour is the expected.

By the way, if you wonder what is it the graphic shown in the viewer, is an sketch of an Underground Thermal Energy Storage, but let’s leave the explaination for another moment :P…

I’ll keep you informed with the advances on it :).



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