Tons of image formats for Smart Fpg Editor (at no additional cost :))

One of the depences of Smart Fpg Editor is FreeImage library. Until now, it was only used for decoding PNG files but the possibilities for using it for other purposes were still big.

So these days I’ve been writing a class that encapsulates some of the functions that this library provides. I’m doing this mainly because it will allow me to replace the usage of GDI+, which I had been using because standar GDI required a lot of code to deal with 32bpp bitmaps containing alpha channels.

However, I also decided to take advantage of the possibilities that the library offered to load a wide range of image formats, so now Smart Fpg Editor is available to load formats such as “GIF”, “PCX”, “PSD”, “BMP”, “JPEG”, among others. Other very rare formats are also available “XBM”, “WBMP”, … but I’m considering not including them as I see it unlikely that someone uses this kind of formats… even though that the required code to add support is minimal. We will see.


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