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Change in the direction of SII

April 1, 2007

For more than one month this site have remained without changes so It’s clear to me that there is something wrong with the initial approach of the weblog. That’s the reason I’ve decided to change to SII purpose to convert it into a place where I can inform people about my projects and other stuff that interest to me. You might be wondering if that was not the initial idea – well, more or less. SII pretended to be a place for me to write entire articles about programming, engineering, etc. but this purpose failed when I found I didn’t have enough time to do so.

So two main changes have taken place:

  • The blog has become -mainly- a kind of worklog or personal developer blog.
  • As I use English as the language for my projects, it makes sense to use the same language here (of course I’m limited for my English knowledges

I hope this way I can mantain a more updated blog.